Anti-Drilling Groups Planning Federal Lawsuit to Try and Stop Drilling in Western PA

Those who oppose drilling in Pennsylvania are changing tactics and are now turning to the court system to try and stop drilling:

Two local clean-water groups aim to make a federal case out of it [Marcellus Shale drilling].

Clean Water Action and Three Rivers Waterkeeper filed legal action yesterday against municipal authorities in McKeesport and Greene County [Pennsylvania]. The authorities are dumping treated wastewater from Marcellus shale wells into waterways, and the filings will allow the environmental groups in two months to file a federal lawsuit under the Clean Water Act, said Myron Arnowitt, state director of Clean Water Action.

Joseph Rost, executive director of the Municipal Authority of the City of McKeesport, said he could not comment until he and the authority solicitor have reviewed the complaint.*

*Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (Mar 11) – Gas wells’ fans, foes join debate