Anti-Drilling Protestors in PA Break the Law (Again), This Time Disrupting a Meeting

The Marcellus Shale Environmental Summit was held this week at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Pittsburgh. Inside were some 120 people listening to speakers talk on the topic of using technology to treat drilling wastewater so that the wastewater doesn’t end up in Pennsylvania’s waterways. Most people would agree that’s a good thing.

Outside the hotel was a small group of 30 anti-drilling protestors. And as we saw a few weeks ago in Harrisburg (Anti-Drilling Protestors Get Nasty at Shale Coalition Building in Harrisburg, PA), these protestors were not content to peaceably and respectfully march and make their statement. They decided they were above the law:

Three of the protesters interrupted the Marcellus Shale Environmental Summit at the Renaissance Hotel in an attempt to present a "bill of indictment," claiming the growing natural gas exploration and production industry in Pennsylvania is hurting the environment with its drilling operations.

They were booed by some of the 120 people in the audience and escorted out of the meeting room by security officers who refused to permit them to read their document.*

*Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (Mar 30, 2011) – Demonstrators interrupt drilling industry meeting