New Study Shows Counties in PA with Marcellus Shale Drilling Do Better Economically

Penn State researchers have taken a close look at tax revenues from Pennsylvania counties active in the Marcellus shale. Here’s what they found:

According to an analysis by Penn State researchers, widespread growth in state sales taxes and personal income taxes has resulted from a growth in Marcellus shale development. State sales tax, an indicator of retail-sector health, increased by about 11 percent in Pennsylvania counties with 150 or more Marcellus wells.

On average, state tax collections were down nearly 4 percent while counties without Marcellus wells drilled decreased by about 6 percent.

Areas with no Marcellus wells experienced only a 0.89 percent increase taxable between 2007 and 2008, while counties with 10 or more wells saw increases of nearly 7 percent of taxable income.*

*Charleston Daily Mail/AP (Mar 22, 2011) – Pa. Marcellus counties are experiencing revenue growth