Northeastern PA Construction Company Looking to Hire Hundreds of New Workers for Marcellus Shale Jobs

A northeastern PA construction company is looking to hire “hundreds” of workers to meet demand for its services in the Marcellus Shale drilling industry:

Linde Construction Corp. is looking to hire hundreds of workers over the next few years to keep pace with its growing presence in the natural gas industry, said spokesman Kevin Lynn.

The utility pipeline and construction company has contracts for five years of work in Bradford, Susquehanna and Wyoming counties and is looking for heavy equipment operators, welders, pipe benders, skilled laborers and managers, said Vice President Bob McGraw.

"Since Jan. 1, we’ve hired 73 new people with five more going through orientation this week and another nine scheduled for next week, but it isn’t enough," Mr. McGraw said.

Linde Construction has seen tremendous growth since it began to develop opportunities in the Marcellus Shale region in July 2009, Mr. Lynn said.

Its workers lay pipeline to transport natural gas, construct drilling pads, complete horizontal drilling and repave roads.*

*Scranton Times-Tribune (Apr 23, 2011) – Linde planning for hundreds of new jobs

  • Gasr2

    Why would Anyone already trained in the Gas industry want to relocate to the Area where the greater populace hates your work and holds you in the greatest contempt, when they can stay in Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana where the people admire you. Arkansas was one of the Petrostates until the Know Nothing and Don’t wanna Knows started their tree hugging anti fraccing campaign to even blame Earthquakes on the oil patch. I would be the first to label Mr Fox and his silly movie as Ecoterrorism, But, we can easily discern that he is only a greedy little man willing to trade his credibility for the ability to get rich by trading in lies for peoples fear. .

  • Gasr2

    I suppose your unwillingness to post my previous comment may be taken that you only post comments that pat you on the back and say “you’ve done a good job Brownie” so go back to GW.

  • You need to be patient my friend. I can only check comments a few times each day to approve them, as I have done with your previous (and this) comment. I release all comments unless a) they are profane, b) are clearly “off topic” and have nothing to do with the post itself, or c) are self-promoting, as in “I have something to sell you”. Other than that, I release all comments.

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