Collier Township, PA Officials Pass New Conditional-Use Ordinance Restricting Marcellus Shale Drilling

On Wednesday, commissioners for Collier Township (Allegheny County), PA approved a new conditional-use Marcellus Shale drilling ordinance which restricts drilling in the Township:

Collier Township upgraded its natural gas drilling ordinance Wednesday night after hearing feedback from residents for months on both sides of the issue.

The commissioners voted 5-0 to enhance their Marcellus Shale ordinance that would push drillers farther away from schools and provide baseline measurements for noise levels at drilling sites.

Nearly 30 people attended the hour-long public hearing and nine residents offered opinions about what restrictions should be placed on drilling to banning the industry altogether.

Among the changes added in recent months, drillers would not be permitted within 1,000 feet of a school property line. It would also set guidelines on noise levels at a drill site during certain hours and give the zoning officer more ability to enforce the rules.

Moreover, emergency responders would be notified when a drilling operation is coming to the area and given funds to train in case of an emergency. There are also plans in place for wastewater removal and permit fees.*

*Chartiers Valley Patch (May 5, 2011) – Collier Approves Marcellus Shale Ordinance