Memo to Actor Mark Ruffalo: Fracking Chemicals are in Your Cosmetics

An opinion piece published in today’s New York Post succinctly (and with attitude) makes the case that hydraulic fracturing is safe and Marcellus Shale drilling should go forward in New York State. A brief extract for your reading pleasure:

We know that 99.5 percent of fracking fluid is water and sand. The rest is comprised of commonly used compounds — many of them chemicals used in water treatment, pharmaceuticals and automotive care.

Mark Ruffalo, an actor and leader of the movement against gas exploration, seems oblivious to the fact that many of the fracking chemicals are found in the cosmetics and makeup removers used in the film industry. Many others are found in table salt, lemon juice, disinfectants, hand soap, detergents, antiperspirants and processed foods — all things no one thinks twice about flushing into the wastewater stream.*

Be sure to read the entire excellent op-ed by clicking the link below.

*New York Post (May 20, 2011) – Phony fears on fracking