Daily News Columnist Tells New Yorkers to Get a Grip and Stop Freaking Out About Fracking

Columnist Bill Hammond in the New York Daily News has some advice for his fellow New Yorkers: Stop freaking about fracking. In a column published Tuesday, Hammond says, among other things:

Is this what America has come to in the 21st century? Are we so terrified of technology and distrustful of business that we’d rather just let a hugely valuable resource sit underground, going to waste?

Or can we calm down long enough to analyze this for what it is: an engineering and regulatory challenge to be solved, not an ideological crusade to be won or lost.*

Hammond hit the nail on the head. This debate has become an ideological/philosophical crusade for many. MDN recommends you click the link below to read the entire (excellent) column.

*New York Daily News (May 31, 2011) – Stop freaking about fracking: It’s possible to drill safely for natural gas