Energy Dept Hearing in Western PA Draws Big Crowd For & Against Hydraulic Fracturing and Gas Drilling

President Obama recently instructed Secretary of Energy Steven Chu to form the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board (SEAB) Natural Gas Subcommittee, a group of six experts from academe, industry and environmental groups to advise President Obama on how to improve the safety of shale gas development, with a focus specifically on hydraulic fracturing. No doubt the “advising” part will turn into federal regulations at some point, so both sides of the debate are anxious to make their voices heard.

The SEAB met in Washington, PA last night (near Pittsburgh, PA) in a public hearing to elicit comments from the public. According to press accounts, some 400 people showed up from across Pennsylvania and from neighboring states as well—all there to voice their opinions. Among the 90 speakers allowed two minutes each was Josh Fox, creator of the documentary Gasland.

One press account said that there were more in favor of drilling than against—but both sides were there in large numbers with signs and with raucous approval or disapproval for the speakers.

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