Another WV City Repeals Previous Marcellus Drilling Ban

It seemed for a while like passing Marcellus drilling bans was all the rage for cities in West Virginia. Now it seems they can’t repeal those bans fast enough. The latest to repeal a previous ban is Wellsburg:

Natural gas drilling in Wellsburg is legal again.

City Manager Mark Henne says council rescinded an ordinance passed in May with a 5-3 vote Tuesday.

Wellsburg was among four cities that banned Marcellus Shale gas drilling within their boundaries.

New Martinsville is planning to repeal its ban, too. A final vote is set for Sept. 5.

Morgantown and Lewisburg are standing by their bans, though Morgantown’s is being challenged in court.

Last month, Chesapeake Energy withdrew a promised $30,000 gift for band instruments at Wellsburg Middle School, saying it must support communities that support the industry.

But Henne says that wasn’t the reason for Wellsburg’s decision.

He says the city’s concerns eased after acting Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin ordered new emergency rules be drafted to govern the rapidly growing industry.

*Charleston Gazette/AP (Aug 10, 2011) – Wellsburg rescinds Marcellus gas drilling ban

  • Anonymous

    Imagine that!! These ignorant political boards of many towns in WV saw big money being ripped out of their little towns pockets because of bad decision making. Its called progress!! I’m just amazed at the lack of common sense these boards are exhibiting. Companies like XTO Energy, Cheasepeake Energy are coming into your sleeper towns and dropping millions of dollars, creating numerous job opportunities, spending money at local hotels, Restaurants, Etc.,and also contributing to the schools, charitable organizations, Hospitals in each of these communities only to be received with cold shoulders and indifference. Then these companies decide to take the ball and play where they are are embraced( PA) and pull all those resources with them. The Political Board dummies Say” DAAAA!! wait don’t leave we really didn’t mean it, we really need those donations and those jobs, and those Restaurants filled”. Its so funny watching government bodies make idiots of themselves because they just cant see the gifts that are bestowed at their feet. Wake up everyone!! its here to stay !! lets embrace the new found gold and  reap the rewards that are due this country and every little town in it.