New Marcellus Pipeline Construction Pumping $2B into Economy

New pipeline construction for Marcellus Shale gas is set to have a major economic impact on the Marcellus region—to the tune of $2 billion. The new capacity in Marcellus pipelines will more than double the existing capacity in place now:

The Marcellus Shale stretching across Pennsylvania and New York state is increasingly becoming busy for pipeline companies in the United States in order to connect newly found shale gas riches to markets in the north-eastern US and potentially even Canada. Since the beginning of last year, more than 50% of the interstate pipeline projects before the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) have involved the Marcellus Shale. They include mostly extensions or upgrades to the larger existing pipeline network that spans the region and are estimated to be worth about USD2 billion. These projects could have a combined capacity to ship another 4 bcf/d on top of the 3 bcf/d currently leaving the Marcellus Shale.*

*Utility Products Magazine (Accessed Aug 17, 2011) – Marcellus Shale Sees Pipelines Mushroom