Shale Gas Drillers Spread STDs Says PA Democrat Legislator

You know you’re winning the battle when the other side stoops to this… PA Rep. Mike Sturla (Democrat, Lancaster County) wrote the following in an email to Capitolwire:

“Also, aside from building roads so their trucks can get to drill sites and doing a little stream work to mitigate damage from their road building, exactly what are all those things the drillers are doing for the local communities? Patronizing the bars at night? Driving up the cost of rental housing? Spreading sexually transmitted disease amongst the womenfolk? Causing school districts to ask local governments to ban truck traffic on local roads during school bus pick up and drop off times so kids don’t get killed? Upgrading emergency preparedness equipment to handle a well blow out? Running compressor stations that have decibel levels equal to a jet engine?…Really community oriented stuff…”

Hopefully the “womenfolk” (and menfolk) of Lancaster County will toss this Neanderthal out at the next election.

*Early Returns/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Aug 16, 2011) – Top Dem: Shale boom spreading STDs

  • I support the drilling, but the STD comment does not surprise me. And there is probably some basis for it. You get an influx of young men with money, spare time, away from home…. The public health agencies, if they are doing their jobs, should both be able to reduce any incidences and provide some statistics. I am originally from Scranton. Its reputation during WW2 was well earned. 

  • like pa was std free land of virgins and saints before gas workers showed up, give me a break! next eclipse of the sun will be the gas workers fault too.

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