More Calls to Stop Fracking Because “The Sky is Falling”

chicken littleEvery time MDN writes about our observation that those who oppose drilling do so from an ideology, we get pushback from the man-made global warming true believers. If you want to believe that man causes global warming, be my guest. But don’t expect me to “go green” so you can feel good about yourself. I don’t believe it—not a word of it. It’s not been proven by any kind of science that stands up to scrutiny. It’s all ethereal theories and conjecture—not real, testable, measurable, objective and verifiable science.

Most who oppose drilling for shale gas do so because their primary concern is about global warming and getting off “dirty” fossil fuels—including clean-burning natural gas. “Fracking pollutes water” and the other arguments used to scare those not familiar with the technology are simply smoke screens to cover a radical agenda: Force everyone to convert to renewable energy sources, and force them to do it now.

The latest evidence to support MDN’s contention, plucked from the news wires:

More than 100 countries around the world coordinated for a series of events aimed at fighting global climate change on Saturday. One of those events was right here in the Capital Region.

A "moving planet rally" began on the SUNY Albany campus, with participants then taking a green method of transportation, public transit, walking or biking, down to the State Capitol to send lawmakers a message about the environment.

Organizers said that with the debate over hydrofracking still raging in New York State, events like this are more important than ever.

Water Equality founder Daniel Morrissey said, “Climate change is an urgent, urgent disaster. It’s a crisis. In fact, we have absolutely no time left. We gotta get off fossil fuels right now, we gotta go to renewables, and we’re telling governor Cuomo he’s gotta ban fracking because that is our issue. That’s New York’s issue, we have to ban fracking right now. It’s the only way we can save ourselves from a public health crisis and an economic disaster."

The group believes the potential economic benefits of fracking are far outweighed by the potential environmental effects.*

Hmmm. Was that an acorn that just hit me on my head? Or is the sky really falling?

*YNN (Sep 24, 2011) – Moving Planet Rally against hydrofracking