More Calls to Stop Fracking Because “The Sky is Falling”

chicken littleEvery time MDN writes about our observation that those who oppose drilling do so from an ideology, we get pushback from the man-made global warming true believers. If you want to believe that man causes global warming, be my guest. But don’t expect me to “go green” so you can feel good about yourself. I don’t believe it—not a word of it. It’s not been proven by any kind of science that stands up to scrutiny. It’s all ethereal theories and conjecture—not real, testable, measurable, objective and verifiable science.

Most who oppose drilling for shale gas do so because their primary concern is about global warming and getting off “dirty” fossil fuels—including clean-burning natural gas. “Fracking pollutes water” and the other arguments used to scare those not familiar with the technology are simply smoke screens to cover a radical agenda: Force everyone to convert to renewable energy sources, and force them to do it now.

The latest evidence to support MDN’s contention, plucked from the news wires:

More than 100 countries around the world coordinated for a series of events aimed at fighting global climate change on Saturday. One of those events was right here in the Capital Region.

A "moving planet rally" began on the SUNY Albany campus, with participants then taking a green method of transportation, public transit, walking or biking, down to the State Capitol to send lawmakers a message about the environment.

Organizers said that with the debate over hydrofracking still raging in New York State, events like this are more important than ever.

Water Equality founder Daniel Morrissey said, “Climate change is an urgent, urgent disaster. It’s a crisis. In fact, we have absolutely no time left. We gotta get off fossil fuels right now, we gotta go to renewables, and we’re telling governor Cuomo he’s gotta ban fracking because that is our issue. That’s New York’s issue, we have to ban fracking right now. It’s the only way we can save ourselves from a public health crisis and an economic disaster."

The group believes the potential economic benefits of fracking are far outweighed by the potential environmental effects.*

Hmmm. Was that an acorn that just hit me on my head? Or is the sky really falling?

*YNN (Sep 24, 2011) – Moving Planet Rally against hydrofracking

  • Anonymous

    More Blah ,Blah,Blah, from the Anti’s with no solutions as usual. You all scream loud with babble, but do not have any hard answers.Sounds like our President and our New York Politicians.This is a simple one. Safe drilling equals JOBS, Which increases local business profits, which starts  the economy moving forward out of this hole. Where we have a product we can actually use here and save money and also export some too. You Anti’s are a joke. 

  • Anonymous

    My Dear Jim,
    I thought we were all entitled to “opinions” based on what is currently presented as fact.  We’re not all idiots and some of us have actually done a bit of research on the subject of gas drilling and its side effects based on fact.  I would like to add that research, many times, and as time passes, finds prior beliefs and facts to be false.  In all honestly, if research is based on faulty research to begin with, the end results are faulty.  Only time will tell in all of this debate and those that claim to know everything about global warming, safety of fracking water, and whatever else that is currently believed may one day have a change of “opinion” based on newer facts.  I currently don’t care much what someone else believes because I am ENTITLED to have my own beliefs and opinions, be they right or wrong.  What bothers me most is the “fact” that people don’t have the right to stop this industry if it adversely affects them.  That right has been removed from their powers. 

  • Anonymous

    I’m still trying to come to grips with the fact that there are a considerable number of people grasping at any straw that will cast a bad light on the oil and gas industry and on the great economic prosperity that is happening in the Marcellus.  The drilling and midstream activity will only benefit the locals, as well as the entire United States, as the shale play is developed, so forgive me for not understanding the anti-anything-natural-gas-related stance of some folks.  I’ve been trying to “seek first to understand, and then be understood” approach, but the more I listen to the anti’s, the less they make sense.  No disrespect intended.  I’ve been raised in an area where oil and gas are natural part of daily life, as well as a major employer, so I’ve never known a time without drilling rigs, gas compressors, and pumpjacks dotting the horizon.  It would be sadder planet without these things….

  • Anonymous

    Denying the reality of global warming greatly damages your credibility.  How deeeply does the ignorance go: was man created 7000 years ago, do the seven planets revolve around the earth, is the earth flat?

    While there is a faction of the opposition that is trying to reduce the use of all fossil fuels, my impression is that it is a minority of those opposed to drilling, although I can’t be sure.  Do you know of any surveys of the motivations of opponents, or is this more data-free speculation?  I’d be interested in some hard data on what compels those on either side of this issue.  Is everyone for drilling motivated by greed as is often alleged?  This is just as unlikely.

  • Well said Wayne.

  • If it damages my credibility, so be it. In fact I have not said there is no such thing as global warming of some kind, I’ve said there is no significant man-caused (anthropogenic) global warming. To ignore the largest producer and influencer of the earth’s weather patterns (something called the sun, with cycles of radiation ebbs and flows that span decades) as anthropogenic proponents do, is much closer to being a flat-earther than my view that man is not significantly causing a warm up.

  •  Jim, are you for drilling near residential areas? I have seen fire coming out of peoples faucets, are they just supposed to move? To where? Your industry wants to frack the whole country, but take no responsibility to cover the damages to people or their property. Just knowing that fracking can adversely affect groundwater should be enough to deter you.I am aware that natural gas is clean energy, but if there is such an abundance now, with your new methods, when will we see the kickbacks. My gas bill this winter will be higher than it was last year, and that one was higher than the year before.Where is the market flood of gas? In reality you will be selling it at the market value and hosing the consumer, as usual. Your methods are dangerous because your regulations were written by a guy who had a lot riding on fracking working out(Cheney). Don’t try to act like this stuff is safe, and everyone should have a gas well next door. Don’t you think Obama would’ve put one in the back yard at the White House if it was safe? Last Question: Do you or your kids want to drink from a well that has been damaged by fracking?

  • Pat, all of your arguments are a repeat of talking points from the anti drillers. All of these things have been addressed, ad nauseum, on my blog and in plenty of other places. Fracking does not pollute groundwater, period. Flaming faucets have natural gas in the water–how did it get there? In a very few cases from gas drilling–in the vast majority of cases it was already there naturally–years ago. Gas prices are going down this winter–check any business publication in the past 3 weeks and you’ll find stories about low gas prices.

    I’m not in favor of sticking a well in the middle of a housing development–no one I’m aware of is!

    The simple fact that you can’t quite come to admit (yet) is that the technology of hydraulic fracturing is proven and safe.

  • Then Jim, I would like to know why the Gov. just passed a bill stating that you can have a well as near as 500 feet to a residential area. That is a little to close for my comfort. I hope you are right about the gas being cheaper, and i will hold you to it. Keep up the fight, but please change sides.

  • OK, hold me to it! As for the setback provision, 500 feet from a private well is the proposal, up from the current 200 feet! So it more than doubles. Should it be further yet? Yeah, in my opinion it should. But I would take 500 feet over 200 feet any day. Thanks for reading & commenting.

  • Anonymous

    Pat, the companies drilling for gas in the Marcellus have nothing to do with what you pay your local utility to heat your home.  If you’re buying gas from a regulated utility you can be sure that the price you pay has been reviewed by the state PUC.  If you feel that the price you pay is high or unfair you can direct that toward your utility or the PUC.  The major appalachian indicies are around $3.80 / dth for October gas, and that’s approximately what producers are selling it for.  Whatever you pay above that is due to the cost structure of your utility.  Whatever costs they add to it and what they need to recover.  And remember, the utilities are forbidden by law to make money on the sale of the gas to you.  Where they are allowed to make a profit is on the distribution service provided you.

  • Anonymous

    I guess you could say people become accustomed to what they live.  In your case, it was the drilling rigs, etc.  However, there are others who live or move to an area and continue to remain there because they are drawn by location, natural beauty, etc.  We in PA have experienced the coal drilling industry and have become accustomed to waters flowing “orange” as a downside of what’s associated with coal mining.  Steel was big at one time and so were badly polluted skys eminating from that industry.  Clean up in both industries came as a result of laws passed.  Now gas is “the industry” within our region but those that are making themselves heard on the most part are not attempting to stop it but want the laws that will make it as non polluting as possible.  Gov. Corbett recognizes the need for more control and hopefully the EPA and DEP will agree.  We will all benefit and shale gas drilling will continue in PA.  I’m not trying to be sarcastic but If you don’t want to live with any pollution laws, I suggest you move to China where many wear masks.