How Will NY Gov Cuomo Handle the Fracking Mutiny?

Mutiny on the BountyAn editorial in yesterday’s New York Post says that New York DEC Commissioner Joe Martens is leading a mutiny against Gov. Andrew Cuomo on the matter of allowing hydraulic fracturing to move forward in the state and asks the question, Is Gov. Cuomo up to the task of putting down the mutiny? Good question!

The editorial begins this way:

Just when it looked like New York was making healthy progress with hydrofracking, along comes state Environmental Conservation Commissioner Joe Martens holding up a huge “STOP” sign.

“There is no firm timeline,” said Martens last Tuesday, following a meeting of the governor’s advisory panel on proposed fracking regulations for the state.

Asked point-blank if the controversial gas-drilling process will begin in New York at all next year, he replied: “That is really hard to predict. There is a lot of work left to do.”

This is most disconcerting.

Martens’ panel was ordered by Gov. Cuomo to prepare guidelines for hydrofracking and submit them by Nov. 1.

That’s Tuesday.

But Martens now says that Cuomo’s advisory panel “will make its report sometime next year … but I can’t tell you when.”

“When we’re ready,” he added, “and when we have a really firm set of regulations from the panel, we’ll figure out how to move from there.”

This is bad news.

How do we know?

Because the greenies who are working like mad to keep fracking out of the Empire State — despite the clear and necessary economic benefits it would deliver — are pleased as punch.

“This is a positive sign that the entire hydrofracking train will be traveling at a reasonable pace,” crowed Eric Goldstein of the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Translation: We derailed the sucker.*

Read the rest of this excellent editorial by clicking the link below.

*New York Post (Oct 30, 2011) – Testing Andrew Cuomo

  • Anonymous

    Ahh the first true test of Young Andrew. Will he allow his subordinate to dictate how this issue will play out, or, will he send a message?? He can be a passive follower- “Well Joe, you’re the expert- me and all of NY’s landowners will wait for you. I will accept your excuse that you are not in charge.”  Or he can be a leader – ” well Joe I said have it ready by Nov. 1. You did not do your job, I have to relieve you of your post. Anyone else not want to stick to a time line I make??”  I think it would send a message, a very strong message, of what type of leader Mr. Cuomo is going to be. Is he willing to replace one of appointees for deriliction of duty sending shock waves through his cabinet. Or will he show his cabinet that he can be manipulated because he is not really in charge.

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