PA Marcellus Drillers Extracting More Gas Faster

The PA Department of Environmental Protection reports Marcellus Shale drilling companies are extracting more gas faster—60 percent more gas in the first six months of this year, compared to the last six months of 2010. More wells are coming online in PA, and drillers are becoming more efficient and using less chemicals, water and sand as they learn how best to use the ingenious technology of hydraulic fracturing.

Tom Murphy is an expert on shale development. He says the Marcellus Shale gas play is young and growing that’s also adapting.

"Seeing increase in the technology and the techniques used to extract gas, we’re seeing advancements and evolution in that process, as you might expect in anything," Murphy said.

Murphy says drilling companies are refining the "multi-fracking system," which is used to extract natural gas. He says operators are using chemicals better, while using less water and sand. He says this translates into less truck hauling needed to transport resources.

"Maximizing the efficiency of that process and minimizing the impact and minimizing the inputs as well," he said, "there’s more pipeline being put in the ground."

Drilling companies are making better use of drilling methods with greater pipeline range.*

*Altoona WTAJ-TV (Oct 6, 2011) – Drilling Companies Extracting More Gas Faster