Binghamton DEC Hearing will be Ground Zero This Week

pro-drilling rallyThis week will be important for the effort to get shale gas drilling moving in New York State. The state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is conducting a series of four public hearings nominally to accept comments on the most recent changes to the draft drilling regulations, also known as the SGEIS (Supplemental Generic Environmental Impact Statement). MDN says “nominally” because each of the four events will be used by both those for and against drilling to try and show their side has the most support.

One of the four hearings, in Binghamton on Thursday of this week, is likely to be the largest hearing outside of the New York City hearing later this month. MDN has received several email notices from landowner groups in favor of drilling, and from one group opposed. Both say similar things: These hearings are vitally important.

Unlike mainstream media, MDN openly takes a position—we are proudly pro- (but safe) drilling. The overwhelming evidence from thousands of wells already drilled shows drilling can and is being done across the country in a safe manner. There’s no reason New York should not immediately release the regulations they have been dithering over for more than three years. Enough of this “but we have to wait for one more study” nonsense. Now is the time. Three and a half years is long enough.

MDN encourages all those who support drilling and who live in New York to attend one of the four hearings (listed below).

Here is the email received from the CNY Landowner’s Coalition:

Dear Friend of the CNY Landowner’s Coalition and Natural Gas:

This week the DEC will host regional public hearings on the Draft SGEIS and the future of gas development in New York State. THERE IS NO WAY TO OVERSTATE HOW IMPORTANT IT IS THAT EVERY MEMBER OF OUR COALITION ATTEND A REGIONAL MEETING.  The anti-gas activists will try to over whelm us to make the political statement that we don’t care and we don’t matter.  The dSGEIS has regulations that will make large parts of NY, if not the whole state, uncompetitive.  The fact exists that if those two situations are allowed to persist you may never have the opportunity to lease your land.  ONLY THE ACTIVE PRESENCE OF EACH OF US AT THESE HEARINGS CAN STOP THE EFFORTS OF OUR OPPOSITION AND SEND THE VISUAL MESSAGE THE DEC NEEDS TO HEAR!

For these reasons WE MUST generate the largest turnout of supporters yet to convey the undeniable message that we expect the dSGEIS to completed soon and in a way that keeps NY “open for business”.  Our coalition alone has nearly 2,500 households representing about 8,500 individuals.  WE MUST HAVE AT LEAST 1,500 PEOPLE ATTEND THESE EVENTS FROM THE CNY LANDOWNER’S COALITION ALONE.

Choose a hearing location closest to you and please plan on attending.

• Wednesday Nov. 16:
Dansville Middle School Auditorium, 31 Clara Barton St., Dansville, NY 14437

• Thursday Nov. 17
The Forum Theatre, 236 Washington Street, Binghamton, NY, 13901
NOTE: Since Binghamton is central to many coalitions, there will be special activities starting at 9:30 in the morning, a press conference at 10:00 AM, and events throughout the day.  So come early to link with your fellow coalitions.

• Tuesday Nov. 29
Sullivan County Community College, Seelig Theatre, 112 College Rd, Loch Sheldrake, NY 12759

• Wednesday Nov. 30
Tribeca Performing Arts Center, 199 Chambers Street, New York, NY, 10007

Comments will be accepted in written and oral format. Or you can sit silently to show your support.  All hearings will have an afternoon and an evening session from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, respectively.  However doors will open one hour before the start time to register speakers.  Lines are expected to form well before the doors open, so please show up early and stay late to show your support.

Go to this site (// to better understand the hearings and gain tips if you plan to comment.

It’s getting near the finish line.  We can’t slow down now, but must finish with a flourish.

Together, we will accomplish more,

Brian Conover
On behalf of the steering committee

And here is the email received from NYRAD:

KILL the Revised Draft SGEIS
Rally outside the Binghamton DEC Hearing
Bring your signs and your voices to:
The Forum Theatre, 236 Washington St, Binghamton NY
Thursday, November 17th
Rallies at 11:30 PM and 5 PM
Please come early.
Fill the seats and the streets!

Hello to all NYRADians and friends of NYRAD,

In the next few weeks, Governor Cuomo will be deciding whether or not to allow fracking in New York. The NY DEC (New York Department of Environmental Conservation) is holding four Public Hearings this month to review environmental impacts and regulations for fracking NY.

Binghamton is considered ground zero for fracking in New York. It is critical to demonstrate that the Southern Tier is strongly opposed to shale gas extraction, particularly fracking.  Governor Cuomo will use these hearings to gauge the level of opposition and the political consequences of fracking, so we are calling on all friends and neighbors across the state to come to Binghamton and tell the DEC and the Governor that WE DON’T WANT FRACKING in New York because it is NOT SAFE.

Come to the Binghamton hearing and rally on Thursday, November 17th. The governor has listened to the gas industry. Now he needs to listen to us. The time has come to show that we the people stand strong in our resolve; we are more important and more powerful than the gas industry’s money.

At the Rallies and inside the Hearing we will be exposing the countless flaws and inadequacies in the proposed fracking regulations.  Speaking slots at the Hearings will be on a first-come, first-serve basis, so plan on getting there early if you want to reserve a time when YOU can talk to the DEC.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Binghamton.

~from all the folks at

More info:

A large coalition of groups opposed to fracking is working to coordinate a strong showing for the DEC’s Binghamton hearings on Thursday, November 17 at the The Forum Theatre, 236 Washington Street, Binghamton. Many thanks to all involved!

We are reaching out to invite YOU and your local organization to come to Binghamton on Nov. 17th.

There will be two hearings, from 1-4 PM and 6-9 PM.  For the first session, we will gather by 11:30 AM for a rally and press conference with speakers at 12 PM.  Then we will head inside to publicly comment to the DEC – both actions are crucially important.  A second rally and press conference is scheduled for 5 PM outside the theater.

We are looking for volunteers to help coordinate in their area.  Please share this message, help facilitate carpooling and stay in touch for further details as they emerge.  We will be preparing a number of materials to help us stay connected throughout the hearing so please keep in touch by replying to this email or contacting Elaine Perkus of NYRAD.

While there are other hearings, a loud, resonating voice out of Binghamton is essential.  If you can attend, please do.  If you cannot come to Binghamton, or can attend more than one hearing, here is a complete list of all the hearings:

Nov. 10, 7-10 PM – Hunt Union Ballroom, SUNY Oneonta, 108 Ravine Parkway, Oneonta  (This is not an official DEC hearing, but all notes will be transcribed and shared- a great warm-up for the 17th!  Registration starts at 6:45 PM.)

Nov. 16, 1-4 PM & 6-9 PM – Dansville Middle School Auditorium, 31 Clara Barton Street, Dansville, NY (Registration upon arrival.)

Nov. 17, 1-4 PM & 6-9 PM, The Forum Theatre, 236 Washington Street, Binghamton, NY  (Registration upon arrival.)

Nov. 29, 1-4 PM & 6-9 PM, Sullivan County Community College, Seelig Theatre, 112 College Road, Loch Sheldrake, NY  (Registration upon arrival.)

Nov. 30, 1-4 PM & 6-9 PM, Tribeca Performing Arts Center, 199 Chambers Street, New York, NY  (Registration upon arrival.)

Dec. 1, 7 PM – State Theater, 107 West State Street, Ithaca, NY.  (A second unofficial public hearing for those who have not yet made comments.  Doors open at 6 PM.)