Occupy Pittsburgh Protests Marcellus Shale…All 12 of Them

It seems more and more that anti-drillers who need bodies for protests are turning to the Occupy malcontents, who seem to be willing to protest anything, especially things they don’t understand. That is, if you can get them out of bed…

David Meieran was working on a laptop inside Occupy Pittsburgh’s media tent on Oct. 26 when someone peeked inside to tell him the march was about to begin.

"What march?" Meieran asked, looking puzzled.

Minutes later, a dozen occupiers — a few holding signs, a couple banging on drums — marched from the Occupy Pittsburgh encampment at Mellon Green, Downtown, to the David L. Lawrence Convention Center just a few block away to protest against Marcellus shale natural-gas drilling.

"We are the 99," they chanted, "the mighty, mighty 99!"

Yet even the demonstrators realized their might was limited that day.

"There are not enough protesters here," occupier Liza Petrelli, 21, of Monaca, said over a walkie-talkie back to camp. "Everybody needs to get out of bed."*

*Pittsburgh City Paper (Nov 2, 2011) – Maximum Occupancy: Occupy movement looking to get most bang for protest actions