NY DEC Joe Martens – Another Week, Another Delay in Fracking

go slowNew York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Joe Martens continues the delay and stall tactics he’s become known for on the issue of shale gas drilling in the state. The latest Martens delay came this week when he asked an outside consulting firm—Ecology & Environment—to take a closer look at costs fracking would create for local communities.

E&E previously did a full-blown economic analysis for the DEC, which was included in proposed new drilling regulations. But the anti-drillers Martens has surrounded himself with on a fracking advisory committee (like members of the Natural Resources Defense Council) say the original analysis was too long on economic benefits (of which there are many!), and too short on the costs local communities will bear when and if fracking is allowed in the state.

Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Joe Martens said the agency has directed an outside firm to look at the impact the gas industry would have on things like the housing market and emergency services if high-volume hydraulic fracturing is given the go-ahead in New York.

The move came after some members of the DEC’s hydrofracking advisory panel had questioned why a September report by the firm — Buffalo-based Ecology & Environment — went to lengths to highlight the economic benefits of drilling and hydrofracking, but did little to quantify potential costs.

"We provided (Ecology & Environment) with feedback on areas that we’d like them to look at, and I think universally it was felt that some of the specific socioeconomic impacts should be expanded upon," Martens said Tuesday after the panel met behind closed doors.

Eric Goldstein, a senior attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council and one of 18 members of the DEC’s hydrofracking panel, said the expanded review of the socioeconomic impacts is welcomed news.*

*Elmira Star-Gazette (Dec 20, 2011) – DEC takes closer look at community hydrofracking costs

  • Anonymous

    Well, at least it looks like there are not to many other lame delay’s he can conjure up.But I have to admit he’s good at it. Let me see a study on the ” Negative” economic impact.Hmmmm, well, lets see, there will be an influx of people in all those small Towns and Communities, and there may not be enough seating in Ma & Pa’s cafe, to handle those “Working People” ( terrible situation) .Ma & Pa will have to hire additional waitresses and buy more tables and chairs, maybe even a cook!!. Oh yea, there will be more cars & trucks driving in the downtown area, hmmmm (more people, more cars, oh my). Every available house and apartment( even the recently vacant ones that have been foreclosed upon) in the area may be rented or bought to house more” Working People”. Saturday’s at the local grocery store will be very crowded, the store Manager has to make a tough decision here, he will have to order more food/ products to accommodate those ‘ Working People” will have enough . He will also have to hire some more stock people( maybe even a local High School kid, that hasn’t had a job yet!!)The local banks might have a line on payday to cash those paychecks, so Jim( No!! not MDN Jim) the bank’s President has to make the tough decision to hire 1 or maybe 2 new bank tellers to handle the sudden flurry of deposits there.Oh,yea, I almost forgot the local Police and Emergency Medical Services, also may have to hire and additional officer and or medic to handle all the “Working People” that came to town.By golly, I forgot the Local power company, garbage collectors, gas stations(for now, soon to be natural gas stations), Pharmacies,Clothes stores,did I forget something? Impact on housing, HMMMm seems Cheasepeake and Halliburton are buying up ” Land” now in Ohio & WV) so they can increase their bottom dollar. Billion dollar companies now getting into real estate,Hmmmm, no brainer here.Hey Martens, “News Flash” The value of land,with mineral rights will skyrocket in NY !! Study complete!! No need for a study here save the tax payers money on this bull crap study!! The writing is everywhere but here in NY. What a shame, now It is time for me to contact my Landowner Association and make sure we move forward. We must file suit to stop these delay tactic’s. My rights have been breached by this radical and its time for action!! We landowners have all sat by quietly and basically let this happen. If the suit was filed 3 years ago like it should have been, the story would be different today. Andrew Cuomo your a sham, thought he was a little like his father, he fell way short, this wasn’t even a tough call Andy.

  • Anonymous

    Evidently Joe & Andy’s friends work at E&E and needed the state to fund another study which will cost the taxpayers money to tell us what they have already reported. Once again we sit and wait for the anti-driller to come out with the drilling regulations for NY (at this point folks look up insanity in your dictionary, that will give you the description of what we pro drillers are doing) . Right now Andy is riding high in the polls and has momentum. If he can stall this as long as he can till his numbers dwindle then come in as “Super Andy” with the new dSEGIS (which has been ready since October and don’t doubt for a second that anything has/will change because you held signs up at a comment session. This plan of theirs has been in place since Andy boy took office.) and open the southern tier for hydrofracking he then looks like the “get it done guy” the media is touting him to be. Only problem with that…everyone is already on to the plan, Andy. You can’t sit on this any longer. This will back fire when the JLCNY and all of the Landowner groups finally get their acts together and start taking you to court. It’s time to take the gloves off and play rough in the sandbox!!!  

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  • M Butler

    Watching this guy work is like watching a really stupid rat go through a maze, the cheese is right in front of him but he’s to stupid to get it!!!  Whats that make Gov. Cuomo since he seems to be following his every move??  On another note, my kids want to plant a garden— since Martens and Cuomo wants so much control over my property do I need to check with them first????