EPA “May” Start Testing Dimock, PA Water in 2 Weeks

yes no maybeEarlier this week, MDN reported that the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), an agency prone to overstep its legal authority, is once again nosing around Dimock, PA (see this MDN story). After writing to tell Carter Road residents in the Dimock area that their drinking water was just fine on Dec. 2 of last year, they reversed course last week and expressed concerns over “gaps” in water testing data. Now it seems that the EPA themselves will conduct their own tests of water in Dimock.

"We believe that additional information is needed to better understand the situation in Dimock and respond appropriately," an EPA spokeswoman told Reuters on Thursday, after receiving hundreds of pages of data from Dimock residents.

"EPA is considering next steps including conducting some samples of well water in the area," the spokeswoman said.

The tests may become pivotal in a national debate about the environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking…

Dimock, among the most heavily drilled areas in the Marcellus Shale, has become a flashpoint for the growing tension between energy companies and locals in shale regions…

Federal officials told affected residents, some of whom have been without fresh drinking water since drilling began there three years ago, that they may begin testing their water within two weeks.*

*Reuters (Jan 5, 2012) – EPA may retest PA. water near fracking