Obama Speech Gives NYers Hope that Fracking Will Soon Begin

President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address, in which he openly supports drilling for natural gas and the “safe” use of hydraulic fracturing, has given a glimmer of hope to landowners in New York State that perhaps the President’s support for fracking will finally end the moratorium on drilling in New York.

President Barack Obama’s decision to support natural-gas drilling on federal lands is being hailed by supporters of hydraulic fracturing in New York.

Obama’s comments in Tuesday’s State of the Union speech “should send a message to all the folks back home that even the president has vetted this and we need to move forward together,” said Rep. Tom Reed, R-Corning.

In his speech, Obama said America’s natural-gas reserves could meet the nation’s energy needs for 100 years and provide 600,000 jobs by the end of the decade.

The Interior Department plans to sell 33 oil and gas drilling leases this year, Secretary Ken Salazar told a House committee in November. In 2010, the agency sold 33 leases for drilling on 3.2 million acres of federal land.

Hydraulic fracturing on public lands uses the same technology used by Marcellus Shale drillers in Pennsylvania. The industry hopes to use that technology [in New York] once New York develops its own regulations and lifts its moratorium.*

*White Plains The Journal News (Jan 26, 2012) – New York hydrofracking supporters hail Obama’s speech, hope for end to Marcellus Shale moratorium

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  • JPinNYC

    Watch this independent documentary before you believe the propaganda of big $$$ energy companies://watchdocumentary.tv/gasland-cost-natural-gas/

    Fracking uses prodigious amounts of water laced with sand and a startling menu of poisonous chemicals to blast the methane out of the shale.
    Up comes the methane—along with about a million gallons of wastewater containing the original fracking chemicals and other substances that were also in the shale, among them radioactive elements and carcinogens.

    Below is a picture of a faucet spilling water so contaminated, its flammable!

    The local gas companies deny any responsibilities and call this water “safe for human consumption” – but when asked to try it they will refuse to drink it. Apparently, gas company execs are not human … yes, we all knew that. 

  • I’ll approve your comment JP in NYC, but I’ll warn readers every time I see a news article or comment like this one that uses the word “laced” it’s a sure tipoff that this is someone who is regurgitating the same enviro-extremist party line. They all sing from the same songsheet (ie, don’t think for themselves).