Pastor Claims Bible Says ‘Thou Shalt Not Frack’

The following brief is purely for your entertainment purposes, to illustrate how loony the anti-drilling opposition can get. Yesterday, at a rally in Harrisburg, PA to protest new Marcellus Shale drilling legislation, a Lutheran pastor laid claim that the Bible says we shouldn’t frack.

A Lutheran pastor yesterday told environmentalists that there is a scriptural basis for opposing Marcellus Shale drilling and legislation pending in both state houses to regulate it.

The Rev. Leah Schade, pastor of the United in Christ Church in Union County, wore a hand-sewn white patch that said, "WWJF – Where Would Jesus Frack?" and dropped to her knees to demonstrate the power of prayer.

Asked later to answer the question on her blouse, Schade said, "I don’t believe Jesus would be fracking anywhere." She cited Genesis 2:15. "God put human beings into the Garden to till it and keep it, not drill and poison it," Schade said.

The Bible also counsels people to look out "for the least of these," Schade said.*

MDN’s word of advice to Pastor Schade: You may need a refresher course on scriptural exegesis vs. eisogesis.

* Tribune Review (Jan 18, 2012) – Pastor: ‘Where Would Jesus Frack?’