Drilling Liquids Spill at Chevron Gas Well in SW PA

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection reports it is investigating a spill of condensate at a gas well in Washington County, in the southwestern part of the state.

The state Department of Environmental Protection is continuing its investigation of the second spill in three months of condensate – "wet gases" and contaminated drilling liquids – at a Chevron-Appalachia Marcellus Shale gas well operation in Robinson Township, Washington County.

John Poister, a DEP spokesman, said today the spilled condensate was discovered last Thursday by a township employee inspecting a gas pipeline facility nearby. The spill had run into Bigger Run Creek, a tributary of Raccoon Creek. He had no information about whether fish or aquatic life were killed, but cleanup crews placed absorbent material in the creek on Friday.

Mr. Poister said he did not know how much condensate material was spilled. He said DEP is trying to determine the amount and the cause.*

*Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Feb 19, 2012) – DEP investigates spill at gas well site in Washington Co.