Gov. Cuomo Says Decision on NY Fracking Due in “Few Months”

decision pointIn an interview yesterday with the editorial board of the Syracuse Post-Standard, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said a decision about whether or not to allow high volume hydraulic fracturing to move forward in the state is “a couple of months” away.

Cuomo said that while the state’s review of hydrofracking has been slowed, a decision would come within months.

"We’re going to have a decision in a couple of months," Cuomo told The Post-Standard editorial board, according to an audio recording posted on its website.

"The debate has been going on for years, by the way, so it’s not like a few weeks this way or the other is going to make a significant difference," Cuomo continued.

Cuomo said he consciously slowed down the DEC’s review process of the much-debated technique to allow the agency to collect facts and sift through the "emotion" and "fear." Those in favor of hydrofracking say it would create an economic boom for the deprived Southern Tier; those against say it could have a considerable negative impact on the environment.

"What I have said consistently is there is a lot of emotion on this topic. A lot of emotion, a phenomenal amount of emotion everywhere," Cuomo said. "Not a lot of facts, but a lot of emotion on both sides — pro or con.

"I purposely said, let’s slow it down and let’s get some information and science and facts, and let’s make the decision on the facts rather than the emotion."*

Is this good news for landowners? MDN would say yes, because it means resolution one way or the other. If the state decides to deny landowners their sovereign right of property ownership, you can be sure the litigation will begin.

*Ithaca Journal (Feb 8, 2012) – Cuomo: Fracking decision ‘couple months’ away

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    Cuomo is quoted in article as saying the decision (presumably the final SGEIS) was “a couple of months” away, yet you misquote him in your headline as saying “Decision on Fracking Due in ‘Few Months'”.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the finalization of the SGEIS is a few months away, but that is not what the Governor said as you claim by putting the words “few months” in quotes. 

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    I thought the delay in issuing permits was to complete the SGEIS and get comments from the public to enhance it? I also assumed the “Fracking ” Decision was already made and NY municipalities were to gear up and hire additional DEC trained officers to oversee the drilling sites.I certainly hope that the JLCNY and my Landowner Association are prepared for anything that our Governor might do.The Cuomo/ Martens regime is one of the most indecisive administrations I have seen in NY. He never comes out with a straight answer and leaves everyone scratching their heads on what he’s thinking, waiting for the “big” decision. I need a couple of months he says. Emotion are running high. Andy boy you don’t make decisions based on emotions, you make them on the needs of the State your running. You make them on the economic impact it will make, on true job growth, on tax revenue the State will collect,  and you make sure that the DEC has the people in place to enforce and oversee the SGEIS. get a pair for once in your life and meet the needs of “all” the people. But just in case you bow down to the loudest yet smallest group out there, I want to have my lawsuit ready. Remember your oath in office is to uphold the constitution. Jim I got my answer about the when to sue. 

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    Cuomo should join one of those Celebrity poker tourneys. You can’t get a read on this guy at all. There is nothing in the comments sent to the DEC from the “run of the mill” pro drilling or anti drilling person on the street that can surpass the studies that Scientist and Geologist haven’t already proven. The mere comment “I’m against it because. . .” or “I’m for it because. . . ” which we all know make up most of the comments sent to the DEC should be thrown away!!! The comment period was for the enhancement and/or retractions of the additional “rules” made in the dSEGIS. It was not supposed to be a circus where OPINIONS were to be voiced. His comment of basing their descision on Science and Facts should mean the decision to drill should already be made. . .because it was already made 4 years ago! LETS GO ALREADY – STOP THE PANDERING DELAYS!

  • Er, um, the SGEIS is about fracking! In my book, few months = couple of months. Not sure what you’re objection is about?

  • So say we all.

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