Dimock Residents Band Together, Create New Website

Residents in Dimock, Pennsylvania (Susquehanna County, northeastern corner of the state) have banded together to start a new website called DimockProud.com. The single word “Dimock” has become a rallying cry for anti-drillers. What has happened in this tiny, rural community has been shrouded in obfuscation by celebrity anti-drillers and the mainstream media echo chamber. Residents who live in Dimock are concerned that a negative impression of their community has become embedded in people’s minds. This new website is an effort to counteract the misinformation and impression that Dimock is a new Love Canal/chemical wasteland.

From the home page of the new site:

Dimock Proud and Here’s Why

Everyone has heard about the town of Dimock in rural Pennsylvania and the controversy surrounding 18 families – 7 of which have accepted free water treatment systems with excellent results; while 11 litigants continue to hold out for ….. what?

Media-driven stories about “hydrofracking,” “methane,” and “contamination” are running rampant. But have you heard any stories about the other residents of Dimock?

No, right?

This website is hosted by Dimock residents and members of Dimock Proud, in an attempt to dispel rumors and bring to light factual data. The Dimock Proud group is a strong voice for very proud landowners – and is the catalyst for the Enough is Enough campaign to end a moratorium placed on a nine-square mile area in Dimock.

Once you remove the media from Dimock, the truth becomes a little clearer. Dimock is, and always has been, a place of clean air, clean water, and friendly people. What we lack in population we make up for in bountiful farmlands and typical Pennsylvania landscapes.

Terms of Use

Please use this site to find out the real story of Dimock – the one passed over by the media. This is a place for everyone to communicate with the residents of Dimock, and surrounding communities, directly. Our hope is that, over time, our town will regain its image as a great place to live.

With that being said, feel free to ask questions; our intent is to have this site be an educational and factual forum. Residents will try their best to respond in a timely manner. We also have great relationships with experts (scientists, engineers, etc.) who will also be available to answer questions you might have.*

Click on over to the DimockProud.com website to learn the truth about Dimock.

NOTE: DimockProud.com is an advertiser on MDN.

*DimockProud.com (accessed Mar 1, 2012) – Home Page