WPX Vents 3 Methane-Contaminated Water Wells in PA

updateIn an update to a story from earlier this week about methane contamination of three water wells in Franklin Township, PA (see this MDN story), WPX Energy has now installed venting systems on those three homes per the request from the PA Department of Environmental Protection.

A natural gas drilling company installed vents on three Susquehanna County water wells on Wednesday as part of an effort to study and address high levels of methane found in the water supplies.

Contractors for WPX Energy fitted the wells with tall white pipes topped with silver turbines to minimize the risk of the methane creating a fire or explosion hazard by seeping out of the water into enclosed spaces in the houses.

The company, which is drilling for natural gas in the township, also sampled the air and water in the homes and arranged to provide each with a bulk water tank, or "buffalo," it will have regularly filled with replacement drinking water.

WPX spokeswoman Susan Oliver stood at the foot of Tammy Hadlick’s driveway off Route 29 on Wednesday and watched as crews spread out to test the water, dismantle the top of the water well and plan a spot to put the buffalo. "Ms. Hadlick is our neighbor, and our neighbor needs help," she said. "So we’re here."*

*The Scranton Times Tribune (Mar 22, 2012) – Marcellus Shale driller offers water to Franklin homes