Interior Sec. Ken Salazar Offers Statement on Fracking

Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar recently said that his agency is working on new regulations that will lower the risk of water supplies becoming tainted from hydraulic fracturing operations. Whatever that means. Sec. Salazar was touring a “man camp” housing settlement in the Bakken Shale area of North Dakota on Monday and during a back and forth with the press had this to say on the topic of hydraulic fracturing:

“We are going to go through a long process to make sure there are the right rules, but our hope is that by approaching hydraulic fracturing in a way that creates confidence by the American public, it won’t become the Achilles heel to the oil and gas industry for whom fracking is so important.”*

Whatever that means.

*KX News/CBS (Apr 2, 2012) – U.S. Secretary of the Interior Visits Crew Camp Facility