Online Map Shows How Much PA Towns Will Make from Impact Fee

A website MDN has previously highlighted,, has published an interactive map that helps Pennsylvania residents track whether or not their county and local municipality has voted to accept the recently passed impact fee law (screen shot below). The map includes a clock counting down to the final deadline. The first deadline under the new law is for counties, which was 60 days from when the measure passed. The second deadline is for municipalities, which is 60 days after that. Combining the two you get 120 days total, of which we now have 69 days left.

Select a county and the map shows all of the municipal boundaries in the county. Further click on a municipality (township) and a pop-up box will show you how much money the county stands to make from enacting the impact fee, and how much of that fee will go to the local municipality. It also has tabs with contact details for local town and county representatives so residents can contact them to voice their support (or lack thereof). It’s a cool online mapping application. Give it a try!

Go to: // Map of Susquehanna County (Harmony Township)

FrackTrack Impact Fee Map