New Video about Dimock, PA Tells the Real Story

There’s been no shortage of pejorative media coverage painting the small town of Dimock, PA (in Susquehanna County) as the new Love Canal—a chemical wasteland. The image portrayed in a constant drumbeat by mainstream media, and Hollywood celebrities, is that Marcellus Shale gas drilling has fouled the water in and around Dimock. MDN will not recount the history of Dimock, just do a search on MDN for a myriad of background stories.

What you need to know is that the water is clean (proven clean by multiple tests, the latest of which is from the federal EPA themselves). And what you further need to know is that anti-drillers, in their zeal to find one place, anyplace, they can point to where water was affected by drilling, has unfairly destroyed the reputation of this innocent town.

The residents of Dimock, however, are resilient and not going down without a fight. They want their reputation back. A group of residents formed a group called Dimock Proud to spread that word that Dimock is, as their tagline states, “Where the water IS clean and the people are friendly!” Dimock Proud has just released a video (embedded below) highlighting the town’s landowners, residents, and business owners and their positive feelings about natural gas development in the township.

This new video by Dimock Proud is in response to an earlier misleading video posted on CNN’s website called “Marcellus Shale Reality Tour,” by Scott Cannon, a member of the Gas Drilling Awareness Coalition (GDAC) of Luzerne County. The only reality of Mr. Cannon’s video was his purposeful intent to mislead viewers about the facts in Dimock. His propaganda video made wild claims and accusations, all of which were unsubstantiated. Some of his claims have now been refuted by EPA’s water testing conducted earlier this year which show Dimock’s water to be safe. Citizens of Dimock, and others, attempted to get CNN to remove the video, however the organization took no action. Dimock Proud’s new video is an attempt to correct Mr. Cannon’s illicit actions earlier this year.