NY Post Picks Up on Anti-Fracking Preservation League

At the end of March, MDN told you about the latest anti-fracking group to come along, The Preservation League of New York State (see this MDN story). The editorial page of the New York Post has now picked up on the same story:

Foes of hydraulic fracturing are opening a new front in their war to ban the practice in New York: They’re claiming it’s a threat to the region’s “heritage” and tourism.

No joke. The Preservation League, considered a leading historic-preservation group, just placed the entire Marcellus Shale — New York’s prime source of natural gas — on its annual list of endangered historic sites, because of the possible harm from “fracking.”

The preservationists cite the “high volume of truck traffic,” among other things, as a threat to “heritage tourism” — which it calls “a growing industry in many parts of the Marcellus Shale.”

Yet whatever “heritage tourism” would be lost, if any, would pale next to the proven long-term economic benefits of fracking. Let’s be honest: The region’s economy is desperate for new business.*

Read the rest of the Post editorial by clicking below.

*New York Post (Apr 18, 2012) – Historic hooey