NY Update: New Rules Won’t Be Done Before Fall

productivity challengedIs it any surprise that eager beaver, go-get-em NY Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Joe Martens now says that his department’s review of comments on proposed new fracking rules won’t be done before end of summer, “perhaps”? No, not a surprise at all. This is typical Martens delay tactic behavior.

Martens, speaking in Albany on Thursday, told business leaders of this arbitrary new delay. Can anyone say “productivity challenged”?

There’s no timeline for a decision on whether fracking of shale gas wells will be allowed in New York state, but the review will likely continue through the summer, the state’s top environmental regulator told business leaders Thursday.

Speaking at a conference held by the Business Council in Albany on Thursday…Martens said the agency doesn’t have a specific date yet for an update on the environmental review and proposed regulations for high-volume hydraulic fracturing of shale gas wells.

New York hasn’t issued permits for shale gas wells using horizontal drilling and fracking since it began its review of the technology in 2008…

"It’s a very long and tedious process" to review and respond to the 66,700 comments submitted on the DEC’s 1,500-page environmental impact study, Martens said. Martens and his executive staff must also review the agency’s responses and sign off on them and make revisions to the study, he said.

"We hope over the course of the summer, perhaps we’ll complete the process," Martens said.*

Perhaps indeed. Until we get to the end of summer and all-of-a-sudden there’s another reason to delay. And yet another year has slipped by. Enough with Mr. Martens. If he can’t get the job done, find someone who can. How long with Gov. Cuomo tolerate this?

*Binghamton (NY) Press & Sun-Bulletin/AP (Apr 20, 2012) – DEC chief: No decision imminent on fracking