Ernst & Young’s Analysis of Ohio Proposed Severance Tax

Yesterday MDN wrote a story about a newly released study by Ernest & Young that purports to show that Ohio’s oil and gas taxes are the lowest in the country, and would remain the lowest even if Gov. John Kasich’s plan to boost those taxes were to be adopted (see this MDN story). MDN stated that we could not find a copy of that study to review the data. Thanks to two intrepid MDN readers, we now have a copy (embedded below).

Contrary to our earlier musing, Pennsylvania is one of the states included in the analysis. The E&Y analysis takes into account all taxes paid, including property taxes and income taxes, as well as the severance tax. E&Y says when you look at all taxes combined, Ohio comes out on top.

MDN still maintains it’s fishy that a “business group” is advocating for higher taxes. Something still does not sit right about it. However, you can now review the study yourself.

A “hat tip” and word of thanks to our two MDN readers for providing a copy of the study. (They want to remain anonymous.)