Anti-Drillers Pressure PA Gov on Water Testing “Controversy”

The ever-shrill anti-fracking machine believes they have a winner of an issue in the recent “discovery” that (gasp) the Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection does not, in every instance of well water testing, conduct useless and expensive testing for every chemical known to mankind (see this MDN story). For the anti-drilling lobby, the DEP’s lack of extreme testing equals “cover-up.” And so they grind out press release after press release, letter after letter. (Crank up the Peter, Paul & Mary music, there’s more letters to write!)

Yesterday, 25 groups (listed at the bottom so you know whom not to support) sent one such letter to Gov. Tom Corbett requesting he order the DEP and Sec. Michael Krancer to start conducting those extreme tests post haste (a copy of the letter is embedded below). Here’s how the latest faux controversy is being reported:

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