Drill in NY? Republicans Say Yes, Democrats Say No

Quinnipiac University has been busy polling. First they released a new poll of Ohioans and their attitudes toward higher taxes for drilling in that state (see this MDN story), and a day later, they released a poll of New Yorkers asking them whether or not drilling should even be allowed in that state. The results (full copy embedded below) provide the most striking example yet that the entire drilling issue has become politicized in New York.

The poll results, released yesterday, show that 70% of New York’s Republicans support drilling for shale gas and oil (17% are opposed), while only 29% of Democrats support drilling (and 55% are opposed). Overall, the state remains pretty evenly split with 44% supporting drilling and 42% opposed to it.

Here’s what Quinnipiac said about the fracking issue in New York:

Drilling for natural gas continues to divide voters, with 44 percent in favor because of economic benefits and 42 percent opposed because of environmental concerns.

Voters support 54 – 32 percent a tax on gas drilling companies and believe 78 – 15 percent that drilling will create jobs.

Hydro-fracking will damage the environment, voters say 50 – 17 percent.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is "carefully evaluating the issue of hydro-fracking," 26 percent of voters say, but 25 percent say the governor is "dragging his feet to avoid making a decision." Another 44 percent are undecided.*

*Quinnipiac University (Dec 13, 2012) – Stricter Codes Needed For Seashore Rebuilding, New York State Voters Tell Quinnipiac University Poll; Cuomo Gets Mixed Grades On Natural Gas Drilling