Anti-Driller Attempts Fraud at Youngstown, OH Meeting

A loud-mouthed anti-driller tried to disrupt a recent “Oil & Gas 101” meeting being held in Youngstown, Ohio. The 30-year old woman started screaming over top of speaker Rhonda Rheda. She claimed to have a jar of fracking fluid with her, which she left on the table when she was arrested and removed from the meeting. The anti-driller then called 911 to report there was “hazardous material” at the meeting. Thing is, it was all a fraud. Wastewater is not hazardous material, but more to the point, Rheda had the contents of the jar tested and found it to be cider vinegar with chewing tobacco mixed in. A complete fraud and hoax by the anti-driller.

Welcome to a debate where the other side doesn’t play by anyone’s rules and will lie, cheat and commit fraud in the name of their “cause”—the elimination of all fossil fuels as a source of energy.

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