Join MDN at FrackNation Screening in Binghamton on Feb. 10 [Free]

don't forget A quick reminder that in spite of the impending snow storm which will be cleaned up by sometime Saturday, MDN editor Jim Willis will attend the 2pm Sunday, Feb. 10 screening of Phelim McAleer’s new documentary FrackNation at Regal Cinemas Binghamton 12 on Front Street in Binghamton. Phelim will be there! We’d like you to come along and watch it too (free). Here are the details:

The Joint Landowners Coalition of NY (JLCNY) announced that it will host Phelim McAleer at a screening of his documentary film, FrackNation, at the Regal Theater in Binghamton, NY on Sunday, February 10, 2013 at 2pm. A second screening is planned for Monday, February 11, 2013 at 7pm at the Swyer Theater in Albany.

“This documentary unearths shocking revelations that are a must see by NY officials who were misguided by the film Gasland, along with its cottage industry of anti-energy activists,” said Dan Fitzsimmons, president of the JLCNY. “Countless NY citizens have been hurt by this four-and-a-half year delay. It’s time for the facts to be seen, for the misinformation to be corrected, and for sound decisions based on science, not hysteria to guide our state government.”

FrackNation follows journalist Phelim McAleer across America as he faces threats, malicious 911 calls and bogus lawsuits for just trying to question green extremists for the truth about fracking. McAleer uncovers fracking facts suppressed by environmental activists, and he talks with New Yorkers, who have been hurt the most by a four-and-a-half-year de-facto moratorium on natural gas development.

FrackNation is pro-truth and pro-investigative journalism. It reveals the exaggerations and frauds that are at the heart of the anti-fracking movement and the length activists will go to reach their goal of banning fracking,” said Phelim McAleer, co-director.

Fracking is a way of extracting oil and gas from deep in the earth. It has led to a fossil fuel boom in many states across the U.S. and has become the number one target of the environmental movement. In addition to being attacked in the HBO documentary Gasland, it was also demonized by Matt Damon’s Hollywood movie Promised Land.

The New York Times, which has been skeptical of fracking, reviewed FrackNation and said it is “meticulously researched…provocative.”


FrackNation was funded by 3,305 backers – many of whom are from the Southern tier of NY – through crowd-funding website Kickstarter.


Be sure to pre-register here (you need to do this to bring along a free ticket to get in):