JLCNY Meeting Clears Up Myths About Fracking for Albany Officials

Get three or four hippie protesters together with anti-fossil fuel signs and a forest of media cameras magically appears. Assemble a panel of experts to seriously discuss a serious issue, like shale drilling in New York State, invite people who oppose drilling to participate so you can have an honest discussion and you get…crickets. Hardly any media of any kind. Yeah, there’s not media bias in the U.S. Just keep right on telling yourself that.

Yesterday the 77,000-member Joint Landowners Coalition of New York (JLCNY) responded to Gov. Andy “Ditherer” Cuomo’s challenge to do a little educatin’ out there–to win people to our side of the argument when it comes to shale drilling. The JLCNY hosted a one-day meeting in Albany for legislators, government officials and their staff, to provide real information, real facts, and real data about the drilling issue. A TV station from Binghamton attended. About the only mainstream news reporter to attend was Jon Campbell from Gannett. Here’s his report–published on a blog site (not even in a newspaper):

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