Chesapeake Short-Changes PA Landowner on Royalty Checks

MDN has brought you a couple of stories in recent weeks about landowners suing Chesapeake Energy over royalty checks, claiming Chesapeake is playing fast and loose with post-production expenses (see Bradford County, PA Landowners Sue Chesapeake over Royalties). A new Chesapeake royalty story (below) appears on the ProPublica website. It opens with a poignant tale of yet another landowner who was apparently screwed by Chesapeake with respect to royalties. It’s maddening.

However, we have to put the story in proper perspective. ProPublica is anti-drilling through and through. They have an agenda and that agenda is to make all drillers and anyone/anything connected to fossil fuels look bad, so as you read the story below, keep that in mind. Still, if even 10% of what is reported below is true, it’s disturbing. More than ever, it’s vital that landowners have a detailed, well-spelled-out lease that’s been reviewed and tweaked by a lawyer who knows oil and gas contracts inside and out. It’s also important to monitor every royalty statement…

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