Courageous PA State Rep Tackles Shameful Forced Pooling Law

courageousFinally, a PA state representative with balls intestinal fortitude: Rep. Michele Brooks (Republican from Greenville, 17th District). MDN previously told you about bone-headed legislation (SB259) signed into law last month by PA Gov. Tom Corbett (see PA Gov Corbett Signs Back-Door Forced Pooling Bill into Law). No matter how you try to pretty it up, and no matter what redeeming qualities the legislation has for landowners who need more royalty calculation transparency–at the last minute a provision was slipped in to the law providing for forced pooling for some landowners with old leases. It’s a bad law for PA landowners. Already EQT has used the law against landowners in the Pittsburgh area (see Bad News: EQT Sues 70 Landowners Using New PA Forced Pooling Law).

PA Rep. Michele Brooks has had the courage to step forward to offer a new bill repealing the forced pooling provision in SB259. She’s currently looking for some of her fellow Republicans (and perhaps a few pro-drilling Dems) to stand up and be counted with her. Who will match her courage?

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