Obama’s New EPA Chief McCarthy Shows Her True Tyrannical Colors

In what MDN views as an illegal seizing of power, the Obama administration and it’s newly appointed EPA administrator, Gina McCarthy, say they’re done waiting for Congress to act on the issue of mythological man-made global warming and so they, like the bullies they are, will now act unilaterally and in contravention of the U.S. Constitution by using so-called “administrative authorities” (i.e. executive orders) to force their distorted worldview on all Americans–this year. In other words, more of our freedoms are about to die. Is there no one in Congress willing to impeach these people and reign them in–before the country goes all the way into the crapper?

Here is what the out-of-control-and-never-should-have-been-confirmed EPA chief McCarthy said yesterday in Boulder, CO:

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