PA Sierra Club Looks for a New Warmist to Lead the Faithful

The head of the extremist Sierra Club for the state of Pennsylvania is retiring, and the “race is on” to find someone just as extreme to fill his shoes. What does the PA Sierra Club’s Jeff Schmidt think is the most pressing issue facing the Keystone State? Of course it’s the mythical bogeyman “climate change.” What utter folly to say the climate changes! It’s like saying the sun shines and the earth rotates–which happen to be the two things that most affect the weather on this chunk of rock we call planet earth. Of course the climate changes–it’s definitional. What Schmidt means is that he believes man is causing catastrophic global warming–or anthropogenic warming. When the so-called “average temperature” on earth stopped warming about 15 years ago, the true believers had to quickly rename their manufactured crisis to “climate change.”

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