Range Resources Backpedals on Gag Order for Hallowich Children

Last week MDN told you about the “final document” to be released in a previously sealed court case in Washington County, PA (see Last Document Released in Hallowich v Range $750K Settlement). The document was a transcript of a court hearing where the Hallowiches, their attorney and attorneys for Range and MarkWest discussed the non-disclosure “gag order” agreement being signed by the Hallowiches. The agreement binds the Hallowiches from ever talking publicly about the case for which they received a $750,000 settlement.

The funky part is, it appears the agreement signed by the Hallowich parents would also bind their children from ever talking about fracking and drilling in public too. Even the judge in the case admitted the agreement seemed to do just that, saying it would be “a law school question.” In a new twist in the case, lawyers for Range now say the gag order does not apply to the children, although previously they said it would apply and that they would “certainly” enforce it…

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