577 OH Utica Shale Wells Drilled – 0 Water Wells Contaminated

My water will be polluted! Don’t frack here! It’s the end of water as we know it!! Such are the refrains from anti-drillers–all of them not true. Want proof? Ohio has now drilled 577 Utica Shale wells over the past four years. The Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources’ Oil and Gas Resources Management division has investigated 183 water well contamination complaints related to drilling. Of those 183, six water wells were found to be adversely affected by drilling. But get this–none of them was from horizontal shale drilling–all six water well issues were caused by old vertical wells drilled in years gone by.

So let’s run those numbers: Of the 577 horizontal shale wells drilled so far in Ohio, there have been precisely zero nearby water wells adversely affected from that kind of drilling. Hmmm, sure paints a different picture than the doom-and-gloomer anti-drillers paint, doesn’t it?…

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