Youngstown Hypocrites “Adjust” Language in Frack Ban Measure

In a transparently hypocritical move, anti-fossil fuel agitators who are placing a referendum on the ballot in Youngstown, OH for a second time this year have removed language that would have prevented one of the city’s biggest employers and businesses,¬†Vallourec Star (manufactures steel pipes) from selling its pipes to the drilling industry. All other businesses that sell to the natural gas industry–you’re toast under the ban.

You see, it’s OK to profit from the drilling industry, it’s OK to use the cheap natural gas that comes from the drilling industry to heat homes and use for cooking–just don’t drill anywhere near me for that gas. It’s called “good for thee but not for me.” It’s hypocrisy on glorious display. If the dunderheads prevail in hoodwinking enough voters to pass the ban, we hope and trust Vallourec will still make good on their threat to move outside of the city limits–denying the city millions in tax revenue. And we trust the anti-frackers will turn off the natural gas spigot heating their homes–after all, it comes from fracking. Throw another log on the fire Wilma!…

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