Latest Laughable NY Anti Tactic – Not Enough Gas, Just Move Along

Jerry Acton - Anti-DrillerA couple of nights ago a group of four retired anti-drilling hippies “smart people” tried the latest tact in the sad tale of frackless (and feckless) New York: Try to convince the unthinking masses with charts and maps and bamboozling bullcrap that recoverable, profitable natural gas stops at the border of Pennsylvania and New York. Yes that’s right folks. “Don’t bother to drill in NY because there just ain’t enough gas in the ground to make it worthwhile.” That’s what passed for smart and insightful, as delivered by Jerry Acton (pictured), Chip Northrup, Lou Allstadt and Brian Brock (anti-drillers all) at the once great Cornell University.

Master of ceremonies? The itinerant stand-up comedian and Cornell professor, Tony Ingraffea, of course…

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