OH Drillers Have Extra 30 Days for New Chemical Reporting: Dec 15

As MDN chronicled in September, Ohio’s anti-drillers have made everyone in the state less safe by forcing drillers to file physical paperwork with local first responders about the chemicals used and stored at drill sites–instead of filing it electronically with just the state where it could more easily be accessed (see OH Antis Force Change in Chemical Reporting, Everyone Less Safe). Dunderheads. The deadline for compliance with this new standard, being forced on Ohio by the federal government, was November 15th. Because it’s taking a bit longer than expected (surprise!), the new compliance date for OH drillers is now December 15th.

So now drillers will have to file the same information in triplicate with a) the State Emergency Response Commission, b) county local emergency planning commissions, and c) fire departments who cover the area where they are drilling. Intrepid (and very brave) first responders will then have to choose: Dial up the information via the internet from the state’s website and hope what they find there is the same as what they have in their own files, get someone out of bed at the county level to rifle through the file cabinet, or leave a first responder behind at the firehouse to rifle through their own file cabinet (instead of actually responding to the emergency). Fabulous choices. Thanks so much anti-drillers!…

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