The One Issue on Which Anti- and Pro-Drillers Agree

why can't we all just get alongIs there an issue on which both anti- and pro-drillers can agree? Is there ever a time both sides can sit at the same table and discuss a potential problem, and do so without hyperbole and snarky comments? Is there an issue over which both sides can talk and not have it end in shouting? Indeed there is–and it is the issue of air pollution. MDN realizes we’re on shaky ground with our industry friends by writing this, but on several occasions we’ve pointed out there is a growing body of evidence that shows a marked increase in air pollution in heavily drilled areas–mostly from compressor plants, but also from drilling rigs, truck traffic, etc. (see PA DEP Report: Counties with Fracking Have More Air Pollution). The issue of air pollution is enough to unite two neighbors from Dimock, PA who were formerly on opposite sides of the drilling debate.

One of those neighbors starred in Josh Fox’s Gasland II fiction–Victoria Switzer (see More on “Pro-Drilling” Conversion of Gasland II Star from Dimock). We wouldn’t say Vickie is exactly pro-drilling these days, but she’s decided to be realistic and constructive, instead of obstructive, and that’s a positive change. She’s once again on speaking terms with her Dimock neighbor Ron Teel, a pro-drilling landowner. Ron and Vickie both belong to the local advocacy group Breathe Easy Susquehanna County…

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