Enviro America Sends 29K Form Letters Opposing Barged Frack Water

Lookie here. A couple thousand members of Environment America (or maybe it’s just a couple hundred since they hide their enrollment numbers) have mass produced 29,000 form letters opposing the U.S. Coast Guard’s plan to allow safe shipping of frack wastewater on American rivers (see Coast Guard Green Lights Barge Transport of Frack Wastewater). Never hear of Environment America (EA)? Not many have. The organization was spawned from the “PIRG” (Public Interest Research Groups) in 2007. What you need to know is that EA is strongly anti-drilling.

We’re sure the Coast Guard appreciates the considerateness of EA in providing form letters so once they’ve read one of the letters, they’re read all of them. Saves time that way–very thoughtful of EA–although a lot of trees were slaughtered (very un-green!) to produce all that paper. So really, the headline should say that EA has sent one letter from their members, not 29,000, because that about sums up this non-story. Here’s the press announcement from EA, laced with toxic terminology and filled with bogus claims:

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