JLCNY Sends Gov. Cuomo a Lump of Coal for Christmas

This one put a smile on our faces. The Joint Landowners Coalition of New York (JLCNY) sent around an email that encourages those who support drilling to print out and send a copy of the postcard we’ve embedded below. It shows a picture of a lump of coal and tells Cuomo he’s on the naughty list this year–but he still has a chance to redeem himself and make the nice list for next Christmas. Love it! It’s funny yet serious at the same time. The JLCNY hopes drilling supporters will print it out and send it (multiple times) over the next 30 days. We add our voice to theirs and encourage you to do just that.

Here’s the message (and postcard) from Santa and the JLCNY:

Dear Friends, Coalition Leaders, Landowners, and Natural Gas Supporters,

In the spirit of the season the JLCNY has prepared a timely greeting attached below for you to down load, print, sign, and mail to Governor Cuomo at the following address…

The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of NY State
NY State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224

Please take advantage of this seasonal opportunity now and throughout January 2014 to let the Governor know that we’re still here, that we’re thinking of him, and to remind him that we’re still expecting him to allow natural gas development to move forward with no more delays.

We know the Governor is hearing a lot of noise from the anti natural gas activists. We need to make sure he hears from us more!

So in addition to mailing him the New Year’s greeting, please call the Governor at both of the following numbers…

518-474-8390 AND 212-681-4580

…and tell him the following…

  • We have waited long enough to move ahead with natural gas – -please finalize the regulations and make NY open for business!
  • The whole world is turning to natural gas to help clean the environment and reduce our greenhouse gasses – New York needs to join our neighboring states and the nation in developing this opportunity.
  • The Southern Tier of NY has been left behind long enough. No more delays — we want jobs, hope and prosperity.

While it is a busy time of the year, we need an all out effort to keep the pressure Governor Cuomo on if we are to succeed. This is in his hands!

He has to hear from us louder than ever before! Even if you have already called, do it again and again to reinforce the message! This is that important!

So please share this email and attached file with your family and friends as you gather over the holidays. They can take part as well. Truly, the more the merrier!

In closing, please accept my wishes that you have a safe, relaxing, and happy holiday season!

Season’s Greetings,
Dan Fitzsimmons, President
Joint Landowners Coalition of New York, Inc.*

*Joint Landowners Coalition of New York (Dec 22, 2013) – Please Send This JLCNY Holiday “Greetings” Card To Governor Cuomo