Break the Law in OH, Get an Award – Anti-Drilling Nuttery on Display

Here’s a life lesson for the kiddies: Start an “organic” farm, and when you don’t get a lot of business because your prices are twice those of everyone else, become a shrill anti-driller and claim Mother Earth is getting poisoned by evil fracking (gets you noticed). Then, take “direct action” against those nasty drillers, which is a euphemism for break the law. And when you’re done, receive an award for it! That’s the brief story of Gilbert (Kip) Rondy, co-owner of Green Edge Gardens in Amesville, OH.

Rondy is one of the so-called “Athens 8” arrested for illegally blocking access to an injection well site near Athens, OH. To reward his illegal behavior, the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association is bestowing on him their Stewardship Award. How nice. We wonder, how would Rondy like it if a group a pro-drillers showed up and blocked access to his organic farm for oh, say a week or so? Would that be worthy of an award too?…

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