Rig Fire – in Frackless New York!

This story is full of irony. Due to flooding a few years ago, the Owego Central School District (Tioga County, NY) lost some of their school buildings. The school district is in the process of building a new elementary school just outside of town. In preparation, a drilling rig was brought in to drill wells for a geothermal heating and cooling system for the soon-to-be-built school. Around 100 feet down the rig hit a pocket of methane gas and it ignited, burning the rig.

Now, what was about there not being enough recoverable gas in NY so we should just go ahead and ban fracking statewide (see Latest Laughable NY Anti Tactic – Not Enough Gas, Just Move Along)? You can’t tell us that if fracking were allowed in NY there wouldn’t be at least a few drillers willing to take the gamble on drilling some wells given the bumper crop of gas found a few miles across the border in PA. There’s gas everywhere along the Southern Tier border area–some of it (gasp) “contaminates” water supplies! And nary a fracked well around. Here’s the not-so-funny/funny story of the burning drill rig in frackless NY…

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