Loyalsock Drilling Gets an Anti-Drilling Spin Job by PennFuture

spinWe normally skip pronouncements from extremist anti-drilling groups like PennFuture. They, along with other PA groups like PennEnvironment, the League of [Liberal Democrat] Women Voters, Sierra Club, Shale Justice…you get the idea–hold unreasonable views on shale drilling and development. They simply want it all stopped–which ain’t gonna happen. There is no reasoning with them–no middle ground or acceptable way to drill for shale for such groups. So they become ever-more shrill in their false accusations and allegations about what may/maybe/might/could/possibly/theoretically happen if a particular area were to see shale drilling. Say, oh, like the Loyalsock State Forest in PA.

We include a press release by PennFuture below, spinkled with lots of unspoiled this’ and pristine thats, pushing the panic button that (gasp) Anadarko Petroleum might actually be allowed to drill on land they legally hold the rights to drill on (see Manufactured Controversy over Drilling in Loyalsock State Forest). Why, that forest actually contains a “critical bird nursery”–can you imagine the malevolent intent of disturbing little birdies? What a wicked company Anadarko must be. Below is the PennFuture press release that we think has more to do with fundraising than any real or imagined harm that may come to Loyalsock. We bring it to you as an example of a masterful spin job…

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